OU Fit Challenge Approaching

Today, some of Oakland’s fittest and fastest men and women will be competing in the OU Fit Challenge for the title of Mr. and Ms. Fit OU.

Set up similar to a miniature CrossFit event, the OU Fit Challenge is now it its second year. For those who are unfamiliar with CrossFit, think circuit-training in the fastest time to complete a series of exercises. Last year’s event consisted of distance rowing, wall-balls, box jumps, pushups, and a sled pull.  In the end, a male and female with the fastest times are crowned Mr. and Ms. Fit OU.

Reigning Miss OU Fit, Megan Zarachowitz, is looking to repeat this year.

“I like to believe I can repeat and keep my title this year – that’s definitely my goal. I believe I can get a better time this year since I have actually been doing CrossFit training since the summer.”

“I do believe there will be a lot more competition this year. Last year wasn’t as known about and advertised. This year a lot of people have been talking about it and plan to do it,” Zarachowitz said. “Also, a lot of people know I want to keep my title, so naturally they’re aiming to take me down.”

This year’s events are a mystery, as competitors aren’t privy to the workouts until the day of the competition. There could be rowing, box jumps, squats, push-ups, pull-ups, or any other combination of exercises that the judges decide to throw the participants’ way.

Rookie competitor Dylan Stewart isn’t afraid of the unknown.

“I hope this workout is going to put me on my butt. I hope there are some heavy lifts and running.”

Stewart also likes his chances in the event, and welcomes the competition.

“I do think I have a good shot at winning. I believe I have a good shot because my cardio respiratory system is good and my ability to lift is great, and I am extremely competitive.”

Who will take home bragging rights this year? Who will win the Mr. and Ms. Fit OU crown? It could be you! The competition is tonight, Thursday, October 24th from 2-7 p.m. If you aren’t already registered, you can come by tonight and sign up on the spot. 

Oakland’s CrossFit club, Grizzfit, will have members helping out and competing in the event. If you have questions regarding Grizzfit, just ask!

Good luck to all the competitors!


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