Football Club Making History at OU

Oakland has made history this year with its Football Club. For the entirety of Oakland’s history, there has never been a football team until 2013. Now, five games into the season, the team has already exceeded many expectations.

The greatest film writers couldn’t have scripted it any better. Even with no coach prior to the start of the season, the team got off to a 3-0 start and fans were filling the stands at home games.

Team president and wide receiver David Brosky didn’t even know what to expect.

“At the beginning of the season, I really did not have many expectations when it came to our wins and losses because I have never seen any of the teams in our division play before. With that said, we only practiced three days a week, so some things needed a lot of work which kind of gave me a scare going into our first game. After playing the first game though, confidence was built throughout the team and we felt that we could have a winning record and compete with anyone in the league.”

The club’s first loss came at Wright State on October 12, and they followed it up with a 16-6 loss to Miami (Ohio) this past weekend.

It was a defensive battle as both offenses struggled in the cold all day long. A few Oakland turnovers prevented some drives from ever taking off, and the Miami (Ohio) defense didn’t allow much room for error.

With their first taste of a losing streak, Brosky considers it a wakeup call.

“The two losses hurt, but they were a reality check. We know we need to practice hard and win out the rest of the season, and we are going to start with UM-Flint.”

OU beat UM-Flint for their first win ever, earlier this season.

“We played them in our inaugural game earlier this year, so we are going to watch film on that game and correct what we did wrong and see what we did right. As long as we play our game and limit mistakes, I know we can do it,” Brosky said.



(Photo taken from OU Football Club Facebook page)

No matter the outcome of the remainder of the season, the team has grown and bonded together as most football teams do. Whether it’s high school, college, or pro ball, football players have a certain makeup. They go to battle every week and lay it all on the line each game. They form a brotherhood, and five games into OU’s football history, this team has already come together.

“We have become brothers. We were strangers coming into this season and now I constantly see us teammates hanging out together all around campus. I think that is the greatest way to describe this team.”

If you haven’t seen the team in action yet, you’ll have one more chance at home Saturday, Oct. 26 @ 4 p.m. against UM-Flint. The Grizzlies follow that up with a bye week, then finish the season on the road at Ohio State on November 10th.

Fans have shown their support all season long and have given the players some added motivation. The more the merrier in terms of fans, so don’t be a stranger to Civic Center Park on Saturday. Show up and make some noise. If the players are willing to bleed black and gold on the field, then you should cheer black and gold in the stands!

“The student body has been awesome. We couldn’t be any more satisfied with the stands being packed and people having to find a spot on the grass to watch the game. They have been awesome this year, and we have confidence that the student body will become more involved in years to come,” Brosky said.

For more information on the OU Football Club, click here to visit their website or check out their Facebook page.


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