Graduate Assistant Spotlight – Sarah DiStefano

Sarah DiStefano

Intramural/Club Sports Graduate Assistant


Hometown: Macomb, MI

Alma mater: University of Michigan

Currently pursing: Masters in Public Administration

Life Story

What drew her to working at OU Campus Rec:

Sarah’s passion for club and intramural sports began at her time at U of M. Beside being a passionate member of her Club Rugby team, Sarah was also a facility supervisor at U of M’s Campus Recreation Department. When the grad assistant position at OU opened up, her supervisor told her she should look into it. We’re glad she did!

The best part of her job:

As the overseer of both Club and Intramural Sports, Sarah gets to meet and interact with a ton of student athletes. She gets to witness the passion Club Sport athletes have for their sports and she loves that she gets to help those students grow their team. She also likes that she gets to facilitate Intramurals, something that is vital to getting students involved in Campus Rec.

What she wanted to be when she was 10 years old:

When she was young, Sarah wanted to be a doctor, so she pursued a degree in Microbiology (and a minor in Medieval history – didn’t see that one coming!) As she worked through her undergrad, however, Sarah found what she really enjoyed was playing Club and Intramural sports and working for campus recreation.

Fun Stuff

Fun fact: She has a metal plate and six screws in her shoulder from an injury she suffered while playing Rugby. It was her first game, the first time she scored; she got hit, broke her collarbone and was out for the rest of the season.

Song that describes her work ethic: “Hall of Fame” by the Script

Person she would switch places with for a week: Arya Stark from Game of Thrones because she’s a tough little chick who goes on exciting adventures and is a master assassin.


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