Graduate Assistant Spotlight – Vince Seelbach

Vince Seelbach

Wellness/Fitness Graduate Assistant

Hometown: Northglenn, CO

Alma mater: University of Northern Colorado

Currently pursuing: Masters in Exercise Science 

Life Story

What drew him to working at OU Campus Rec:

Vince has a pretty simple story for how he ended up at OU Campus Rec: He applied and he got the job. But how did he find out about the position? Through a friend he met at a NIRSA (National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association) conference who did his undergrad program at OU.

The best part of his job:

The best part of his job, according to Vince, is working with the other staff members. He likes getting know them and all their quirks. In addition, Vince appreciates that he has the opportunity as a grad assistant to help student employees grow and turn into professionals.

What he wanted to be when he was 10 years old:

Vince wanted to be a firefighter when he was young. Though he didn’t pursue this dream, his interest in helping people never faded. As a lifeguard at the University of Northern Colorado’s campus recreation center, Vince began to realize that campus recreation, health and wellness were his passions. He was lucky to have professional staff members that guided him throughout his time in campus recreation.

Fun stuff

Song that describes his life philosophy: “Move Along” by All-American Rejects

Person he would switch places with for a week: Hermione Granger. He says he wouldn’t want to be Harry Potter because everyone would be trying to kill him, but he still wants the perks of living in a magical world.

Fun fact: Has a 29-ft long Starburst wrapper chain. He started it during his Freshmen year of college in which he consumed an inordinate number of Starbursts.


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