OU Benefits and Wellness Fair

Every year, the Wellness Department of Campus Recreation, along with University Human Resources puts on an employee benefits and wellness fair that is geared towards providing great services to those who serve the OU campus community. It marks the beginning of open enrollment for employees, and this year’s fair is going to be expanded to include more of the surrounding community.

There will be representatives present who can answer your insurance questions, and also area non-profit organizations to help connect you to initiatives around your community. Students are also invited to participate.
The point of the benefits and wellness fair is to emphasize what wellness really means.

“Being well isn’t just doing exercise and eating right. It’s balancing your financials and spending time with family. Wellness goes beyond just the physical definition, into aspects of your life that you probably didn’t know included wellness,” said Coordinator of Wellness, Stephanie Willis who is putting the event together.

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The event is set to expand from 40 tables last year to approximately 70 this year. It’s all about providing resources for employees and students to take advantage of.

This year, the fair will be held in the 3-court gym on Wednesday, October 23rd from 9am to 3pm. Come out and see what it’s all about, even if you only stop by on your lunch break. We promise it’ll be worth your time.


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