What’s New at the Rec?

Every school year, new students, faculty, and staff join Oakland University. That means the Rec will always see new faces and be here to help those faces sculpt new and improved physiques. Our Fitness Center staff can show you all the benefits of the Rec. This year, we have some NEW amenities you can take advantage of. Check them out!”

Court 3 Fitness

Court 3

Where’s it at?

– Long hallway of the activity center and racquetball courts
– 3rd court down

What is it?

Court 3 Fitness is a hybrid area of fitness. Last year, the Pioneer Room was home of the TRX Training system, but now it’s located at Court 3. If you weren’t aware of it then, come check it out and get trained to use it whenever you want! Once you’re trained on how to use it, you’ll be able to take TRX classes that are taught by some of the Fitness Staff members.

The TRX was quite popular in its first year at the Rec. But there’s always room for more in the TRX classes we offer! It helps you build a strong core, and can make you a master of bodyweight incorporated exercises. For more information on TRX classes, click here and scroll down to TRX.

If the Fitness Center is too crowded for your liking on a particular day, go to Court 3 Fitness where it’s an ideal place for circuit training and cross training.

Also at Court 3 Fitness are two Concept Rowers, box jumps, a punching dummy, and a pull-up and dip bar station.

Court 3 rowing machines.
Court 3 rowing machines.

Rubber Plates

– From 10 to 45 pounds plates
– Can be used in Court 3 Fitness for Olympic style lifting, or whatever you please
– Available for checkout at the Service Desk later this fall

Olympic Bars

– Used in Court 3 Fitness or the Fitness Center if all other bars are in use
– Available for checkout at the Service Desk later this fall



In the Fitness Center, attendants are often asked about kettlebells. We’ve never offered any at the Rec in the past, but now we do! Kettlebells are a good change of pace from dumbbells and offer a different style of training that you can’t get from dumbbells. They’ll be available for checkout later this fall at the Service Desk.

New Medicine Balls


The new medicine balls are much larger than the ones you may be accustomed to in the Fitness Center. They’re also softer and can be used for a variety of cross training type exercises such as wall-ball tosses and medicine ball slams. They’re very durable and will be available for checkout at the Service Desk later this fall.

If you’re a gym newbie or a regular at the Rec, be sure to keep checking the Service Desk throughout the fall for these new items to be checked out. And don’t be a stranger to Court 3 Fitness. Give it a try and see what it’s about – you might discover a new world of training that you never knew existed!


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