Hydration Tips for Running

The Brooksie Way 5k, 10k, and half marathon race was this past weekend; over  5,000 runners and walkers came to Oakland University’s campus and pounded the pavement through various distances.

To be expected, the notorious carbo-loading pre-race pasta parties surrounded the community and lots of gu’s were consumed before, during, and after the races. All of these components make up the event, but it’s the smallest and most-often forgotten trick that may help you reach a new goal or finish stronger.

Water, like carbohydrates, is a critical nutrient for runners. It’s essential for regulating body temperatures, transporting glucose and other nutrients to cells, and removes waste products (hopefully after the run!).

Mmmm. Water.

Mmmm. Water.

Endurance running and walking dramatically increases your need for water and other fluids. Follow these guidelines for your next race to ensure you’re getting enough fluids:

  • Drink regularly when not active
  • Drink approximately 2 cups of water 2 hours before exercise
  • Continue to drink during the race, every 15 minutes or so
  • Replace sweat losses during the run with an electrolyte beverage (Gatorade, Powerade)

To establish how much water you’ve lost during a race, try taking a Sweat Test:

Weighing yourself before and after exercise is the most effective way to gauge your fluid needs. Any weight loss corresponds with fluid loss, so try to drink enough to replenish that weight. Remember: Weight gain could mean you are drinking more than you need.


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