How to track your fitness progress

When it comes to getting into shape and keeping up with your health and wellness, it can be hard to keep track of everything. Whether you’re training for a marathon or just simply keeping track of the different workouts you’re doing, recording everything will help you gauge your progress and reach your goals. Here are some great tools to use:


Free for Apple and Android phones

Fitocracy App

This is the ultimate application that allows you to log all of your fitness activities, down to the rep, mile, or meter. The more activities that you do, the more points that you get and the higher you level up. This means that you can compete with your friends to see who can rack up the most points in a month, and then start all over again the next month.

Here’s a synapses of how it works:

So let’s say that you want to go to the fitness center and do 3 sets of 10 repetitions bench pressing 135 pounds. Once you’ve done that, you can log it on the Fitocracy app and you get points. Then you want to do some cycling to get your blood flowing in your lower body. You hop on a bike and pedal 5 miles in 20 minutes with 50% resistance. Once you’re done, you log it. You repeat the action of logging your workouts until you’re done for the day and then you see all of the points tally up. It’s a great way to stay motivated to reach your fitness goals and be rewarded for it in the end.


Free for Apple and Android phones

RunKeeper App

RunKeeper is an application that fits all of your running needs. If you’re training for a big race, this app will help you get there. You can track all of your runs, whether they’re through the GPS feature or if you log them manually. You can create running plans based off of your own knowledge or you can let the experts behind the app create one for you.

All in all, this app is great for all kinds of runners. If you’re going for a short run before your workout or you’re going for a long distance run and don’t want to worry about having to track your route as you go, this gets the job done. You can even create routes online (through your account) and run them afterwards!

Sleep Cycle

99 cents for Apple phones

Sleep Cycle App

Sleeping is essential to maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle. Many people take it for granted, especially college students. At the Rec Center, we know how important it may be to stay up all night in Kresge library studying for an exam the next day, but we also want you to be aware of the benefits that sleeping enough gives you.

That’s where Sleep Cycle comes in.

All you have to do with this app is have your phone plugged in (so that your battery doesn’t die), put your phone face down under your sheet, and sleep your night away. When you wake up, this app will have kept track of everything: the time you spent in bed, your sleep quality based off of how much you moved and your breathing while you sleep, and it even tells you what your average time spent in bed is over time. It comes complete with a nice graph, shown above. How convenient!


Free for Apple and Android phones

MyFitnessPal App

The experts say that most of your fitness consists of what you’re putting into your body. That’s where this application comes in.

If you’re into counting calories, this application is perfect for you. It’s simple: track everything that you eat and see if you’re reaching your diet goals. This app even gives you motivation to stay within the parameters that you set for yourself in terms of your own fitness.


Free for Apple and Android phones

Nike+ App

This running app is useful for runners who enjoy keeping track of everything: pace, time, calories, etc. It’s all about keeping you motivated to run. You can compete against yourself or against others to try and beat your own goals on distance or time. It also makes listening to music easier; you won’t have to leave the app in order to change a song or playlist.

What other apps do you use to help you reach all of your fitness goals? Let us know in the comments section!


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