Rec Center Orientations

Oakland University becomes a new journey for many new freshmen every year. It also becomes a place of interest for alumni, faculty, and outside bodies as well. The Rec Center is always growing in attendance, and it’s due, in part, to the many amenities the building has to offer for anyone looking to become a member. If you find yourself curious about the Rec’s programs and what it has to offer you, then don’t be afraid to take a Rec Center orientation!

Incoming freshmen are already subject to an orientation of the Rec and everything it has, but alumni, faculty, and potential members can be guided through the Rec on a small tour to showcase its variety of activities. Just walk up to the Welcome Desk and ask for an orientation. It’s that simple!

Orientations are fairly short, and start at the upstairs track. Your guide will explain the rules of the track while they lead you down the hall to an aerial view of the Olympic sized pool which also has hot tubs. From there, you’ll trek downstairs to the Fitness Center. Here, students and patrons get pumped up in the Rec’s weight room, where there is cardio equipment, free weights, and machines.

Across the lobby from the Fitness Center are three full-size basketball courts where pick-up games are always in progress during fall and winter semesters. Further down the hall is the Activity Center, which is a room used for basketball, floor hockey, dodgeball, and indoor soccer. It can also be used to stretch or exercise if you’d like.

The tour then takes you to the racquetball courts, TRX room, and cycling classroom. To finalize the tour, your guide will point out the Service Desk and inform you that anything you need, the service desk can help you. To check out a basketball, jump rope, weight belt, bosu ball, foam roller, or anything else, it’s done at the Service Desk.

The Rec also offers a number of Group Exercise classes including yoga, TRX, cycling, and Zumba. The classes are free to students and paying members.

For a detailed list of membership prices click here.

For more info on Group Ex classes and schedules click here.


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