Brooksie Way preparations

Brooksie Way Runners

It’s under one week (5 days to be exact) until race day. Getting excited? Nervous? Maybe anxious? Not to worry, the Department of Campus Recreation has a few tips for you to help you complete the race.


One of the worst things that you can do this week is to neglect your intake of water. Make sure that you’re carrying around a water bottle so that you’re never too far from a source of hydration. Not enough water can increase your chance of muscle cramping, dehydration, loss of focus/motivation, decreased strength, etc. The list goes on and on.


By not stretching, you’re allowing your body to cramp up on its own. The last thing that you want to do is have tightness in your legs in the middle of a race, making it ten times harder to finish. Don’t wait until the day of the race to start stretching either. Chances are, you’re already fairly limber with your running. But don’t stop stretching out your body. Maybe even include an extra stretch session a day on the days leading up to the race.

Keep up with your diet

It’s easy to get knocked off of a diet. Cookies, soda, that slice of cake at a birthday party– all of these things can derail your self-discipline. You’ve been doing a great job! Hold out for just a few days longer and reward yourself after your race. It’ll be so much more worth it then.

When in doubt, keep going!

You haven’t been training for nothing. When you get that little voice in your head that tells you to stop, resist it. Think about why you started in the first place. Maybe you’re doing it for a family member, or with a group of people who dared you to go outside of your comfort zone when you signed up. Maybe you wanted to challenge yourself; to see if you could push yourself to do something new, something bold, something extraordinary. Whatever that reason it, think about it for a while. Let it be the reason why you follow through and reach the finish line.

Brooksie Way Medal

You can find any information about the Brooksie Way HERE.


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