Football is Alive and Well at OU

Last Saturday night saw quite a turnout for the Black/Gold scrimmage of Oakland’s new club football team at Auburn Hills Civic Center Park. Although it wasn’t an official game, it was everyone’s first chance to get a glimpse of the team in action.

Bleachers filled with students on both sides of the field. So much so, that people swarmed around the field like moths to a flame because the stands were filled to the brim. It seems a void has been filled in many students’ college-experience hearts now that the university has football. This is the team’s first season, and people couldn’t be more excited.

Many students said it felt like a high school Friday night back home when the team hit the field. Talks of tailgating future games and high school football memories ran rampant.
Student James Buzzo was impressed with the amount of people that showed up and is looking forward to the rest of the season.

“I thought it was a great turnout. A lot of people came out to support the team. It was a great atmosphere and I’m excited to see what the crowd will look like for an actual game.”
Buzzo also commented on the team’s abilities.

“It was obvious that the team was very athletic. They also have some big guys that were getting the tough short yards. It looked like there were some miscommunications, but for a team that hasn’t been around for years, they did well, and I’m looking forward to seeing improvements week by week.”

When asked about attending future games, Buzzo said, “Of course. I plan to go to all the home games and all the away games that I can get there and back with a tank of gas. Go Grizzlies!”

The club’s first game is Saturday, September 21st at 4pm against U of M Flint. For directions and more information on the game click here.

To stay on top of the club’s latest news, here are some useful links:

  • Visit the team’s official website and schedule here
  • Like them on Facebook here
  • Want to catch the team at home, but don’t know where they play? Click Here

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