Employee Spotlight – Christina Luczak


Welcome Center Attendant and Intramural Official

Major: Health Science with a concentration in Nutrition

Favorite part about working at the Rec:

Working at the Rec Center, Christina says that you get to meet a lot of people and network. She also says that it’s a laid back environment that is perfect for getting to know others.

Favorite Rec activities:

Christina loves playing Intramural sports – all of them (except dodge ball, she says it’s too stressful). She is also on the Street Team, a student org that promotes the Rec. Also, Christina is a Rec Center Ambassador. These Rec enthusiasts go to different events and get the word out about all OU Campus Rec has to offer.


Skills learned while working at the Rec that will help with future endeavors:

Working in campus recreation has shown Christina just how important customer service skills are. Also, because she works for Welcome Center and Intramurals, Christina gets to see two different perspectives of the Rec and how they work together.

Fun fact:

Christina’s favorite food is chocolate chip cookies. (Everything in moderation, right?)


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