Fruits and veggies: more matter

September can be a month of many adjustments for college students with new class schedules, teachers, maybe a new living environment.  Don’t let poor nutrition slow down your fast-paced schedule.

Did you know that poor nutrition can contribute to sluggishness, stress, sleeping habits, and alertness?  It’s easy to put proper nutrition on the back burner, but what most don’t realize is 15 minutes of preparing fruit and vegetable snacks throughout the day can help you to be more attentive and productive.  So how do you get more fruits and veggies in your diet?

  1. Placement – Keep fruits and veggies where you can see them.  You will be more likely to grab an apple if you see one sitting in a bowl of colorful fruit on a table.
  2. Variety is the Spice of Life – Don’t buy too much of one item, instead purchase a small variety of fruits and veggies.  You are less likely to get bored with what you are eating.
  3. Tis the Season – Purchase fruits and veggies in season!  Magazines and internet sites tend to publish recipes using foods that are in season.  Plus, those fruits and veggies that are in season tend to cost less in the grocery store.
  4. Count on Color – To ensure you are getting the best bang for your buck in terms of vitamins and nutrients, see how many different colors of fruits and veggies you can add to your diet.
  5. Mix It In – Fruits and veggies don’t always have to be in a salad.  If you go with your friends to get some frozen yogurt, try adding some pineapple and strawberries as toppings and scale back on the chocolate chips (…stay strong, I know).

A little planning can go a long way when it comes to getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet.  For more information on proper nutrition habits, attend our Nutrition Lunch and Learns sessions at the Rec Center.  Details on all of our Lunch and Learn sessions are available on the Campus Rec Website, and are open for OU Employees, Students, and Rec Center Members to attend.

-Stephanie Willis, Coordinator of Wellness


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