Employee Spotlight – David Mells


Building Manager and former Welcome Center Attendant

Congratulations David for graduating and moving on with your life! Although he would love to stay and work at the Rec forever, David will be leaving us this fall. David was the 2011-2012 recipient of the Campus Recreation Directors Award – the most prestigious honor awarded to our student employees. David’s positive attitude and commitment to the Rec will surely be missed. 

Degree: Psychology with a minor in biology

Favorite part about working at the Rec:

Being a commuter student can sometimes make you feel detached from campus. David says, however, that working at the Rec has helped him to not feel like a commuter because of the connections he has made at the Rec.

Favorite Rec activities:

David has served as both a Rec Center Ambassador and as a member of the Rec’s Street Team.


Skills learned while working at the Rec that will help with future endeavors:

David has learned important skills like how to prioritize, multitask, communicate effectively and think on his feet. He has also gained the confidence needed to enforce rules. Don’t try to get away with anything around David – he doesn’t mess around!

Fun fact:

David’s favorite thing to do (besides work at the Rec of course) is to roller skate. He’s been doing it since he was three!


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