The importance of building good habits

Building a habit can be a hard task, especially if you really don’t know what habits are good and which habits you need to ditch. But once you figure out what your goals are, you’ll start to realize how important it is to build good habits in order to live a healthy lifestyle.

Figuring out your habits

This is harder than you think, especially if you’re determined to have habits that make you grow as a person. The key to figuring this out is to pay close attention throughout your day to all of the things that you wish were different about yourself. For example, if you’re going through your day and you realize that you can climb a set of stairs without running out of breath, you may want to start going to the gym more often. Or you may find yourself tired throughout your day because of how little sleep you get at night, you may want to make a habit out of going to bed earlier.

Whatever it may be, pay close attention to what you want to change, and what kind of habit you’ll need to acquire in order to change.

Keeps you focused

Once you figure out which habits you want to acquire, your first step should be to get to it. Dive right in. Get started. Go.

Jumping right into it will help keep you focused. You don’t need any distractions to derail you from learning how to master your habits. This means that anything that you feel distracts you should be eliminated. This can be a friend who isn’t really supportive of you or it can be staying away from fast foods.

Staying focused is important to maintaining your goals and getting the habits that you believe will lead you to a better life.

Builds self-discipline

Once you’re in the middle of mastering your habits, it may start to get more difficult. You may lose inspiration or motivation. If you can resist these feelings and just keep going, you’ll start to build self-discipline. With everything in life, there will be peaks and valleys. You’ll have days where you don’t want to get out of bed and you’ll have days where you feel so great about the track that you’re on.

It’s important to remember that you can do this. It might be an uphill battle but if you keep going, you’ll get up that hill.

Gives you a chance to grow

Like all things in life, learning something new gives you a chance to grow and become the person that you want to be. Habit-building is tough work, but with tough work comes the development of your sense of self. You’ll start to see yourself in a whole new light, giving you a boost in your self-esteem and inspiration to keep going.

Once you’ve built your habit to where you feel comfortable with it, it’ll become second nature to you. You won’t even think about it anymore. This is when it gets easier.

Tools to build good habits

Here are a few tools that you can utilize to help build great habits:

-Keep track of all of your daily habits with the Lift app. This app allows you to check off each habit that you’ve done and it keeps track of everything for you, giving you a chance to see your progression. It also offers community support.

HabitForge is a website that allows you to simply set your habits and make progress towards them each and every day.

-Time is everything when it comes to habits. That’s why at the end of the day, it’s good to write down everything that you’ve done in order to give yourself a pat on the back. That’s where iDoneThis comes in. Instead of making a to-do list, you make a to-done list at the end of the day, empowering you for accomplishing stuff.

What are some other helpful tools that you use to build good habits?


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