Join the Poker Walk!

May 15th will mark the return of the Third Annual Campus Rec Poker Walk. In celebration of National Employee Health and Fitness Day, OU employees can sign up as a team or individual to walk a safe and fun one mile loop around campus.

Along the way, participants will stop at  multiple stations to pick up poker chips. At the end of the walk, they can turn in their poker chips for a hand of cards. The top three individuals with the best hands will win the grand prize!

 That’s not the only way to win a prize! Some of the poker chips that will be given out on the path are marked for prizes.

 On the walk there will be two additional challenge stations. Participants can earn extra poker chips by simply doing the extra challenges.

 “We want people to see that it really doesn’t take a lot to walk a mile, and on their  lunch hours they can do something active,” says Becky Lewis, the Assistant Director of Programs for Fitness and Wellness at OU’s Rec Center.

Krista Malley, an OU academic advisor and avid participant in many of our wellness programs, is very excited for the upcoming event. Last year, she and her team from OUWB dressed up as cowboys. This year, Krista and her new team from the Professional Advisors Committee chose the clever team name, Aces of Advising, but the costumes will remain a surprise.

“[I enjoy] having a relaxing stroll with colleagues and seeing others from across campus coming out to smell the fresh air and be healthy, not to mention take a gamble and see if their poker hand is the best!” she says.

We encourage you to participate with your coworkers or your friends in other departments! It’s a great way to establish connections with the people you may not get to work with or a chance to bond with those who are around you everyday. This event is FREE and open to all OU employees. You can walk anytime between 11:30a.m.-1p.m. Be sure to register by Monday, May 13 at noon. Registration opens Monday, April 22.

Poker Walk


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