Football is here!!

For the first time in Oakland University history,  a club football team has finally arrived.   The new club was brought to life by OU freshman, David Brosky, last semester. David found his passion for football in high school, and wanted to bring the same passion to the OU students.

“I wanted to start a Rec league so I [could] get back into [football]. I love the game!” Brosky says.

Currently, the team’s 36 members have begun their workouts at the Rec Center  to prepare for upcoming tournaments. Their first game will be against UM-Flint during Welcome Week of Fall 2013.

They’ve also brought on Coach Kenny Meyers, who coached the Romeo High School football team. Kenny will help them get into a routine, learn more about the different positions, and plays that will lead them to a win.

An important concern for many start-up teams is the costly equipment and club fees. To help lower the costs, the team has put together a Domino’s Pizza fundraiser. With the purchase of a $10 card, you can buy one pizza and get one pizza free, 16 times.

If you’ve always wanted to support or be a part of a football team at OU, then this is your chance. People of all talents and experiences are welcome and encouraged to join.

The team practices on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 7:00a.m. in the Fitness Center at the Rec Center.  For more information check out the Club Football Facebook Page or e-mail




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