Annual Indoor Triathalon Comes to Campus Rec!

On March 24th, Campus Rec will be partnering with the OUWB School of Medicine Orthopedic Surgery and Sports medicine (OSSM) student organization to host the annual indoor triathlon.  The event will include a 20 minute cycle, a 15 minute run, and a 10 minute swim. Unlike other triathlons, such as the Ironman,  the events are measured by time instead of distance,so participants are able to go at their own pace.

Along with promoting wellness and exercise in the OU community, OSSM is raising money to contribute to the rebuilding of Lollo Park in Detroit’s Fitzgerald neighborhood. As of February 1st, 2013,  Detroit’s city council passed a deal that would close 50 of the 107 parks in Detroit in order to keep Belle Isle, a Detroit icon, maintained. Maintenance to the remaining parks will be severely reduced, some of which can only afford to cut their grass once a year.

Parks and playgrounds are needed to instill health and exercise into the children of Detroit and the surrounding communities. OSSM is working with local organizations, like College Core Block Club, Adopt a Park, Kaboom Playground, and Beaumont Orthopedic, to bring Lolo Park back to life.

Five dollars of every entry fee and the profit from selling t-shirts will go towards the fund to revive the park. Beaumont Orthopedic will also match every dollar raised at the triathlon. OSSM is hoping to raise $1,000 at this year’s triathlon.

Once weather permits, OSSM will bring participants from the triathlon and people of the community who wish to volunteer at Lollo Park to assist with the park’s rejuvenation and reconstruction.

“[I’m excited about] starting this [event] and making a lasting relationship with our partnerships so that down the road we can make this bigger and [continue to] make an impact in the Detroit community,” says the OSSM representative, Justin Smith.

Registration is open until Wednesday, March 20th and can be done at the Rec Center Welcome Desk. Both members and non-members of the OU Rec Center are encouraged to participate. The entry fee for members/students is $30 for individuals and $45 for teams of 2-3 people. The entry fee for non-members is $45 for individuals and $60 for teams.  Heats will begin at 9am on March 24th. We hope to see you there supporting this very meaningful and important cause!




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