The IM Winter Extravaganza

We are getting pumped up as Intramural Sports gets ready to host the annual Winter Extravaganza! This event will feature various non-traditional sporting tournaments to win the very sought after IM Championship t-shirt. The event is FREE for members/students – all you need is your OU ID card. It will be held on March 13th from 7pm-10pm in the Rec Center.

Overview of Events

OU Fit Challenge
Sponsored by OU’s CrossFit Club, the Fit Challenge will consist of four events in a 12 minute amrap(as many reps as possible) session. The participant that completes the most events in the 12 minute time block wins! Pre-register on to guarantee your spot in the competition.

IM Combine
Mirroring the NFL combine, the IM combine will feature six events to determine the top draft picks of the IM season:

  • 40 yard dash
  • Vertical jump
  • Standing broad jump
  • Shuttle run
  • 3 cone drill
  • Bench press

The bench press portion of the competition will use the Wilks Coefficient formula to match the appropriate lifting weight with body weight.  Pre-registration ( and on site registration are available. There is no fee to participate.

Basketball Golf
Nine holes will be laid out at various spots of the basketball courts. Each spot will have instructions on how to throw the ball (free throw, underhand, etc.). If you make it in one shot, you will score a par one. If you make it in two shots, you will score a par two. As in golf, the participant with the lowest score wins!

Wiffleball Homerun Derby
Do you have the batting skills of Victor Martinez? Show them off at the Wiffleball Homerun Derby by hitting as many homeruns as you can before getting 20 outs. Registration is on-site and there is no forfeit fee!

Free Throw Contest
How many shots can you make from the free throw line? If you are able to make 20 out of 30 shots, then you will move on to a second round of an additional 20 shots. The person with the most completed shots will be the winner of the Free Throw Contest. In the event of a tie, the person with the most consecutive completed shots will be crowned the winner!


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