Club Sport Spotlight – CrossFit Club

There’s a new exercise program that has exploded in popularity at fitness centers across the nation and has now made it’s way to OU. Only a few weeks old, CrossFit Club was created by Alex Neuman, a senior finance and operations management student and avid exerciser at OU.

“ I started the club because I found an exercise program that was fun, challenging, and rewarding,” he says. “Due to the intensity of CrossFit, it breeds a sense of community as everyone is encouraging everyone else, so I thought it would be really cool to have that kind of bond between me and my fellow Grizzlies.”

CrossFit is a core conditioning and high intensity workout regimen that was founded by Greg Glassman in 2000. It aims to be a time efficient body sculpting program by working multiple muscle groups in the same circuit. CrossFit uses a combination of sprinting, rowing, jumping rope, weight lifting, carrying heavy objects, and body weight exercises to strengthen and condition the body.

“A lot of gym movements don’t have a lot of practical applications. CrossFit tries to implement real world situations and movements that you really need to do. You’re jumping over things, throwing things, climbing things, which is all done at a high intensity,” says Neuman.

One of the great benefits of CrossFit is that it improves body mechanics and overall health. Anyone is encouraged to participate. You can even do it from the comfort of your dorm room!

“I really like [CrossFit] and try to encourage it because I know so many people go to the gym five-six times a week, but they’re not getting results. If you follow the CrossFit program regimen, you WILL get in shape,” Neuman promises.

The club currently has 25-30 consistent members and  continues to grow. They hope to eventually attend CrossFit competitions.

Come and try it out for free or join for just $30 a month! The CrossFit Club of OU practices at CrossFit Deviate (at the corner of University Dr. and Rochester Rd.) on Monday and Wednesday nights at 9:30p.m and Saturdays at noon. For more information you can contact the club’s president, Alex Neuman at


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