Programs that Motivate!

This semester, we’re kicking off the new year by introducing a variety of new and improved wellness programs.

Starting January 14th, OU Moves! (formerly OU Walks!) will be bringing The Price is Right to the Rec!

Unlike previous semesters, pedometers will no longer be used and tracking cards will no longer need to be turned in. Participation is based on the length of any activity from raking leaves to water aerobics and everything is turned in online for your convenience! Participants will be entered in a drawing to be in the first OU Moves! Showcase Showdown!

The registration deadline is Friday, January 18th and can be done online through the American Heart Association at

Another program (exclusive to OU employees) that we’re getting pumped for is the brand new Colorful Choices challenge.  The objective of this 8-week challenge is for teams of 5 participants to eat as many servings of different colored fruits and vegetables as possible. Different colors have different point values. For example, darker colored fruits and vegetables, such as beets and pomegranates, will be worth more because of their higher antioxidant count. The top teams will receive awesome prizes! Invite your OU co-workers from any department to join you in taking on the challenge!

Similar to OU Moves!, all of the tracking for this program will be done online. The program will begin on February 11th and runs through April 5th. There will be an informational kick-off session in the Lake Michigan Room in the Oakland Center on January 28th. A non-refundable team registration fee of $25 is required in order to participate. For more information, visit

These programs are a great way to transform your new year resolutions of exercise and diet into permanent, healthy lifestyle habits. We want to help YOU get motivated and excited about all of the different aspects that wellness encompasses.

OU Moves! Price is Right


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