Club Sport Spotlight – Running Club



          You shouldn’t have to run alone if you don’t want to. That’s what the Running Club at OU is for! Three times a week and all year round this group of students gets together to do the simple and refreshing act of running.

         According to officers, Klare Wagner and Brigid Nash, the club consists of people of different abilities, motivations, and experiences. There are beginners who tend to run-walk and there are people who run marathons. There are runners who run for health reasons and those who see it as a form of release and relaxation. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join.

        Along with informal running sessions, the group also plans small running related events. This Halloween they hosted a “Pumpkin Run”. Each member dressed up in costume and ran around campus handing out candy to other students, followed by a pizza party.
        Next semester, the club plans to work in tandem with the Student Alumni Association to plan the “Nearly Naked Mile,” a community service event promoting a clothing drive. Participants show up heavily clothed, then strip down to boxers, shorts, or camisoles. The clothes that they take off will be donated to the less fortunate.

       So if you’re someone who isn’t necessarily the next Usain Bolt, but you enjoy running for the recreational aspect, then this club is for you! For more information you can contact the club president, Brigid Nash at


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